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Image United #0 Review


Image United 0Image United hit a delay, big shocker. So Image is releasing 2 one-shots to keep the peace amongst its fans, this being one of them. Really just a reprint of the prelude from October 2009, can Image do something to make it worth rereading in a solid one-shot form for 2.99? Lets find out!


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Creative Team

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artists: Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, Ryan Ottley


Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10


Synopsis: Fortress is flying around the city narrating  about how cool it is flying. He soon crashes and admits it was more of a really long jump then flying and he narrates about how this suit got on him, the power it gives him and he wants to try out the power and see what it can do so he tosses a dumpster. He is impressed by this but is soon approached by Savage Dragon who has been hearing about something going on downtown and says Fortress should come with him to the police station.


Fortress says it was an accident but Dragon insists he just come down with him. Fortress means to push him back but accidentally blasts him across town. Dragon lands right by Doc Seismic, Seismic says how powerful he feels. Dragon tries to attack him but gets blasted back while Fortress is trying to get people out of the area, accidentally hurting them a bit. Dragon mentions that he remembers Seismic from a prior meeting in Invincible.


Seismic blasts Dragon again and Fortress soon approaches him telling him to stop. Seismic challenges him and Fortress thinks he’s not up for this and soon gets blasted back. Dragon returns and punches out Seismic only to get blasted back. Fortress attacks Seismic, grabbing him and draining his power (beware his evil hug of doom!) Fortress drains Seismic of all his power.


Seismic bursts with energy and Fortress thinks he accidentally killed him. Turns out he’s just in a catatonic state now. Dragon is trying to convince Fortress to go down with him to the police department again when Fortress’ whole body lights up and he flies off into the city, soon crash landing onto a rooftop and having a vision of him alongside the other Image heroes.



The Good: I don’t have too much to say on Image United #0 because it was a very short read and there honestly isn’t a lot to talk about here. We got  a solid enjoyable story but really not much else. It did it’s job and that was it.


I should highlight the strongest aspect of this one-shot which wasn’t even the main story itself. It was the 4 page Image Untied short by Chris Giarrusso which was absolutely amazing. Why Marvel let this guy go from Mini Marvels and replaced it with the crap that is Super Hero Squad I’ll never know. It was easily one of their big mistakes.


In 4 pages not only does Giarrusso succeed at telling a great fun story, he also succeeds in parodying Image United hilariously. He’s got a great sense of humor and the comedy in here is just great. His little spin on the characters all drawing themselves, and Fortress’ visions, and of course a poke at Savage Dragon being a cop so he loves donuts. It’s all so silly but so much fun at the same time.


It honestly turned a simple enjoyable read into a comic I had to own. I loved it and I feel like I was given a good product for my 2.99 and in return got this awesome little bit. Even if it is only 4 pages it easily made repurchasing the Image United Prelude that I had already read. 


Now as for the main issue itself, it was all right. Kirkman and company had 16 pages to introduce us to our hero and give the basic set up for Image United and in doing so they succeeded very well.  There’s no bullshit padding like 5 pages of double spread splash pages to waste page space like in so many other comics today. Though there where a few one page images it still worked well.


Kirkman did a solid job of introducing us to Fortress, setting up aspects of his character and how he interacts with others and then made him ready to interact with the other members of the Image Universe well enough and in doing so he set up Image United perfectly with this story. Even if it wasn’t all that exciting still.


One big highlight was also the art, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ryan Ottley drawing Doc Seismic for this story as it really holds to the theme of each creator drawing their character and I liked it a lot for that. Both Larsen and Portacio turn in solid work, even if its not their best.


I did like that we got 3 pages of character bios for each character. For one it did a good job of finally giving us a better insight to Fortress and was very appreciated. Other then that it was nice for anyone unfamiliar with the 2 other characters to set up their place in the story nicely.


The Bad: This issue definitely had some problems, probably the biggest being Kirkman’s weird dialogue with Savage Dragon. He had a few weird moments with him as well in issue 1 and 2 of Image United. But Dragon saying “Holy Moly!” was just hilariously bad. Does any grown adult talk like that nowadays? Its just so funny.


I did find it odd how determined Dragon was to take in Fortress when really he hadn’t done anything majorly wrong. Sure he accidentally ruined an office building window with that dumpster but compared to what most villains do on a daily basis that’s like forgetting to feed the goldfish for all of 5 minutes. It just seemed really forced to make these 2 fight.


I know we needed some action for this issue but the fight between the 2, short as it is, was really unnecessary and it kind of bugged me. Can we even consider it a fight really? Fortress knocks Dragon around for a couple of panels and that was it. Yet the cover shows them fighting as if it’s some kind of epic battle.


I must admit while the art was still great, it definitely looked rushed in places from both artists.  I was hoping that with rereleasing this Prelude in it’s own one-shot that someone would have touched up some of the art to be a little better. Sadly that wasn’t the case.


While this issue went on just long enough to feel worth while for my 2.99 alongside with the awesome back up story, I do wish they would have added a little more content. Maybe the script or something. Hell it would have been awesome to see a few pages of the in process pages, from the layouts, to the pencils and inks. That would have been really cool. I’m really disappointed to not see any of that here.


I’m really confused about the character bios. For some reason they only released ones of the 3 characters in this event which is stupid. This is an event with a lot of characters, introduce new readers to them for god’s sakes! Give us a Witchblade, Spawn, Shadowhawk, Ripclaw, Badrock and others bio’s.  That can really help attract new readers and could have been a fun little read for longtime fans like myself.


Overall: Image United #0 was a fun read and it did it’s job of holding me over until the next issue of the main series eventually comes out. Whenever it plans to be released that is. If you, like me, are patiently waiting for the next issue then I highly recommend you pick this up or if you wanted to get into Image United but missed issue 1, pick this up and then the past 2 issues as well. Its worth the 2.99.