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Green Lantern Corps #56 Review


Green_Lantern_Corps_56Green Lantern Corps has suffered from the same ailments that have plagued its sister titles ever since the end of Blackest Night.  The stories on the three Green Lantern titles suffer from serious decompression.  The stories have been thin and the pacing extremely slow.  Hopefully, Green Lantern Corps #56 offers up a more lively read that what I have been getting on the three Green Lantern titles.  Let's hit this review and find out.


Creative Team

Writer: Tony Bedard

Pencils: Tyler Kirkham

Inks: Batt w/Rob Hunter

Colors: Nel Ruffino


Story Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 6.5 Night Girls out of 10


thumb_Green_Lantern_Corps_56-4Synopsis: We begin with the Sinestro Corps arriving on Qward and telling the Weaponer that Qward shall pay for his crimes.  The Weaponer realizes he and his people are outnumbered and doomed.  Therefore, the Weaponer gives the Green Lanterns their rings back and asks the Green Lanterns to save his people.


Ganthet reminds the Green Lanterns of their truce with Sinestro and that they cannot fight the Sinestro Corps.  The Sinestro Corpsmen then attacks the Qwardians. 


The Green Lanterns form shields to protect the Qwardians.  The Green Lanterns then get the Qwardians to safety inside of the Weaponer's castle.  The castle is protected by a shield strong enough to repel the Sinestro Corpsmen.  Also, inside the castle are enough exotic weapons to arm the Qwardians.


thumb_Green_Lantern_Corps_56-5Kyle Raynor then remembers his fist fight with Sinestro and how Sinestro told him that if they fought without using their rings then it would not be a violation of their truce.  Kyle tells the Green Lanterns to head into the castle and grab a weapon.


Suddenly, Sinestro appears on the scene.  Sinestro faces off against the Weaponer.  Sinestro is strong enough to break through the white energy constructs of the Weaponer.  Sinestro overpowers the Weaponer and is about to kill him when suddenly we see John Stewart armed to the teeth leading the fully armed Qwardians out of the castle.


Sinestro comments that he thought they were smart enough to retreat.  John retorts "Retreat?  Hell, we just got here!"  End of issue.



The Good: Green Lantern Corps #56 was an average read.  To be sure, Bedard delivers plenty of action in this issue.  Most action fans should be entertained.  The story has a good flow and is lively paced as Bedard unveils a dramatic showdown between Sinestro and his Corps on one side and the Green Lanterns and Qwardians on the other side.  Green Lantern Corps #56 has plenty of energy and certainly is not a dull read.


thumb_Green_Lantern_Corps_56-3While the dialogue was nothing out of the ordinary, I did enjoy all of the "tough talk" that we got in this issue.  Bedard cranks out some dialogue worthy of classic 1980's action flicks.  While it may not be the type of dialogue that I desire to read in every title, it worked with this issue due to the tone and purpose of the story.


The undeniable star of this issue was Sinestro.  Bedard serves up a deliciously bad-assed Sinestro who positively oozes a superior attitude.  Sinestro is controlled fury wrapped up under an icy exterior.  Sinestro's entrance was properly dramatic as was his ability to break through the Weaponer's white light.


Bedard did an excellent job of demonstrating to the reader how incredibly powerful Sinestro is.  This scene also cemented the fact that Sinestro is indeed a heavy hitter. 


With so many ring slingers from so many different colored Corps, it becomes easy for individual character to become less valuable and important.  Bedard addresses this problem by emphatically showing how Sinestro is heads and shoulders above just about every other character that wears a power ring regardless of the color of their Corps.


thumb_Green_Lantern_Corps_56-2Green Lantern Corps #56 ends with a dramatic ending that teases the reader with an even bigger brawl than what we got in this issue.  Actions who enjoyed what was delivered in this issue will surely be eager to return for the next issue.


My favorite aspect of Green Lantern Corps #56 was the artwork.  Tyler Kirkham, Batt and Nel Ruffino did a great job with the art in this issue.  I love Kirkham's super hero styled art.  Each panel is packed full of detail. 


Kirkham gives Green Lantern Corps #56 a dynamic look as the action leaps off the page at the reader.  The fight scenes are all well choreographed. 


Kirkham also packs in plenty of emotion into the issue.  The character's facial expressions are fantastic.  Kirkham's Sinestro was perfect.  Sinestro looks absolutely wicked and his anger, determination and attitude radiate from each panel.


The Bad: Green Lantern Corps #56 suffers from the same defects that continual plague all of the Green Lantern titles.  The plotting is poor.  Other than finally getting Sinestro on Qward, there is absolutely no plot progression at all in this issue.  This story arc is far too decompressed. 


This is a is also a shallow read.  This is a thin story.  There is absolutely no depth or substance to this issue.  This is an on the surface read.  All that Bedard presents the reader is some relatively mindless action in hopes of distracting the reader's attention as he stalls for time.


The dialogue in this issue is quite ordinary.  Most of the characters dutifully recite their lines as if they were on auto-pilot.  At no point does the dialogue engage the reader. 


The character work is equally unimpressive.  Outside of Sinestro, the characters are all rather generic.  There is also a lack of chemistry between any of the characters in this story.  It is particularly disappointing that John Stewart continues to get little to no panel time on this title.  I was hoping that with three Green Lantern titles on the market that John Stewart would finally enjoy some time in the spotlight.


Overall: Green Lantern Corps #56 should appeal to readers who like lots of action and are not too concerned with the depth of story or plot development.  This issue is attractive to the eye and does offer up some popcorn for the brain in terms of entertainment value.  However, for everyone else out there I would recommend passing on Green Lantern Corps #56.  This issue simply does not offer enough content or value to justify the $3.00 price of admission.